Westfield Primary Academy

Our Subjects

The Curriculum

At Westfield Primary Academy, we offer a curriculum that is ambitious and is designed to teach and enrich the knowledge and cultural capital of all pupils. 

We deliver a broad and literacy rich curriculum underpinned by the principles of spaced retrieval practice to support the deep and embedded learning of knowledge, skills and vocabulary. 

We believe that reading is the cornerstone of the curriculum. English is taught through our CUSP curriculum a comprehensive reading and writing programme designed by Unity Schools Partnership and we follow a Maths Mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Follow the subject links at the end of this page for more information on all of the subjects taught at our school.

Our curriculum is built upon the foundations of our curriculum goals: Knowledge, Global, Diversity, Nurture, Imagination, Aspiration, Community and Opportunity. 

Acquiring, retaining and applying key information about subjects within and across our curriculum and linking this with our own understanding and experiences in the world.

Understanding our role as global citizens, developing knowledge, skills and understanding that we all need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens and an awareness of our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Global Goals.

Recognising and valuing all individuals within our school and community; showing mutual respect and collective tolerance by understanding each other as unique and celebrating the contributions we can make and achieve.

Supporting each other to be the best learners we can be, understanding that we may have different needs or experiences. Offering empathy, kindness and respect to each other to enable us to flourish or thrive.

Offering opportunities through the curriculum, our home learning and extra-curricular opportunities to be inspired and inspiring to others. To make connections and links in our learning that enable us to deepen and demonstrate our understanding.

Developing self-belief and motivation to achieve and be the best we can be. Challenging each other to hold higher expectations of ourselves with a determination to succeed.

Understanding the importance of team and our participation in its success. To foster cooperation, engagement and a ‘we before me’ attitude within our school and local community.

To provide and actively participate in a wide range of opportunities that broaden and deepen our experiences and understanding. To develop growth mind-sets that recognise setbacks and failures and FLEARN and to use these as opportunities to develop resilience and confidence.