Westfield Primary Academy

School Communication

At Westfield Primary Academy, we believe in the power of effective school communication to create a harmonious partnership with our parents. We prioritise clear and open lines of communication to build a supportive community where everyone plays a crucial role in a child’s educational journey.

Through our weekly newsletter, face-to-face communication, and online platforms, we aim to keep parents well-informed about important events, academic updates and school policies. We aim to ensure transparency and understanding in all that we do.

We actively listen to the concerns and feedback of our parents, addressing them promptly to strengthen the collaborative bond between our school and families. By fostering a culture of open communication, we aim to build trust and enhance collaboration, recognizing that together, we contribute to the holistic development and success of every child at Westfield Primary Academy.

Class Dojo

Our platform for teacher-home communication and remote learning is ClassDojo. ClassDojo can be accessed by clicking on the following link: www.classdojo.com


Our School communication and payment platform is Arbor. All letters, weekly newsletters and updates are sent directly to parents via Arbor. All school payments are also made securely through Arbor.

Arbor can be accessed by clicking on the following link: login.arbor.sc

Other Ways We Communicate