Westfield Primary Academy

Children’s University

Did you know children spend only 9% of their waking time between the ages of 5 and 18 in a classroom?

Our school is a member of the Suffolk Children’s University.

Some of our children are already members of the Suffolk Children’s University and there is an opportunity for more children to get involved this year.

There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the children at the assembly and many would like to take part.

The Children’s University wants every child who takes part to:

 Feel that they have grown in confidence and self-belief.
 Enjoy new experiences, in new places and want to keep exploring.
 Believe they have a broader range of essential skills.
 Feel empowered to make positive choices about their future.
 See that learning is fun, aspirational and lifelong.
 Feel that their eyes have been opened to a multiplicity of learning activities and opportunities
 Feel celebrated for their commitment to learning by their family, school and community.

For more information on the Children’s University visit(suffolkchildrensuniversity.co.uk) where
you will find more information about the work they do.

All children who join the Children’s University will be issued with a ‘Provisional Passport to Learning’
which they use to record the learning activities they complete outside of school through the online
portal. There will be no cost for this Provisional Passport to Learning.