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Welcome to Mockingbird Class

Who’s who in Mockingbird Class

Mockingbird Class
Year 4
Mrs Reynolds
Class Teacher
Mrs Mallion
Miss Warman
Miss Warman

Welcome to Mockingbird Class

Our class teacher is Mrs Reynoldss and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Mallion and Mrs Warman. Mrs Reynolds loves History and English. In Mockingbird after a day of learning, we will challenge each other to a game of Silent Ellie, which is particular favourite of Mrs Reynolds.

Mrs Mallion is an organised, supportive and caring member of the Mockingbird team. Her favourite colour is grey and she loves spending time with her little grandchild.

Mrs Warman is fun, sensitive and kind. She is really looking forward to being part of the Mockingbird team this year.

In Year 4, our Discovery curriculum includes: Habitats and Living things, Anglo Saxons and the Viking invasions, Animals and Humans including teeth, the digestive system and food chains, Ancient Egypt and Electricity. For more details about our curriculum this year, please have a look at our curriculum map.

While we are in Year 4, we learn to play the guitar. We have weekly sessions with a Suffolk County Music Service tutor, on Tuesdays. We also use Charanga to practise our music at home.

In June, we take a national multiplication check of all times tables up to 12. To help us prepare for this, we spend time learning our important multiplication and division facts and use programs such as Times Tables Rock Stars to help us practise in school and at home.

We use Class Dojo to support home/school communication. We post updates on the School and class story and parents can see their child’s portfolio and message their class teacher.  For the latest information please see our newsletter for this term.

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