Westfield Primary Academy

Frazzle the dog becomes a big hit among pupils

Published: 23 November, 2020

Pupils have welcomed a new member to their school – in the shape of a 13-week-old Cavapoo.

Frazzle the dog has been entertaining pupils at Westfield Primary Academy in Haverhill since he was introduced by headteacher Toni Kittle in late October.

But Mrs Kittle has also revealed the importance of Frazzle in supporting pupils’ wellbeing as well.

She explained: “Frazzle has been a big hit among the pupils at Westfield.

“We also identified what an important role a school dog could play in supporting our pupils as well.

“For instance, we might have a pupil who is struggling a little. They can spend a bit of time with Frazzle for a short while to improve their wellbeing and positivity which then, in turn, makes an impact in the classroom.”

Frazzle’s duties in the school include welcoming young visitors to his office which he shares with Mrs Kittle.

As he grows, Frazzle will eventually visit classrooms to take part in lessons and read alongside children in the library.

Mrs Kittle added: “There are huge positive benefits to having a school dog. We have found that confidence has grown among our pupils and they also share a sense of responsibility and ownership.

“Our families have been incredibly supportive and I am grateful to the parent and staff community for welcoming Frazzle to Westfield.”