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Extra curricular clubs at Westfield Primary Academy

We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs put on by staff for children throughout the Summer Term; if you would like further information about any of these clubs please do ask at the academy office.

Autumn Term Extra-Curricular Clubs

Mondays:         Y1-6 Breakfast Club 8.00-8.50am

                         Y1-6 Dodgeball Club with Prestige Sports 3.15-4.15pm

Tuesdays:         Y3-6 Coding Club 12.30-1.00pm

                         Y1-6 Street Dance with Prestige Sports 3.15-4.15pm

                         Y4-6 Chess Club 3.15-4.00pm

                         Y5-6 Netball Club 3.15-4.15pm

Wednesdays:    Y1-3 Cosmic Yoga Club 3.15-4.15pm

Thursdays:        Y1-3 Drama Club 3.15-4.30pm

                                Y4-6 Choir Club  3.15-4.00pm

Fridays:             Y1-6 Breakfast Club 8.00-8.50am 

                         Y1-6 Football Club with Prestige Sports 3.15-4.15pm

The 'Friends of Westfield'

Westfield has an active 'Friends of Westfield' group which is run by parents and families within the academy.  The Friends of Westfield (FoW) support the academy by putting on a whole host of events throughout the year to fundraise for the academy.  

Events happening during this term include:

Healthy Food Tuck Shop - Every Wednesday breaktime

Westfield Disco - Friday 4th November


 Please look out for the termly newsletters from the FoW giving further news about their members, meetings and termly events.  

If you are interested in becoming a 'Friend of Westfield' please contact Laura Robinson via the academy office.