The Curriculum at Westfield Primary Academy

Westfield Primary Academy is committed to meeting the requirements of the new primary curriculum from September 2014.

We have updated our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum. Teachers have received training in the key areas of curriculum change and we are ready to provide outstanding curriculum provision. We have developed a new curriculum that meets the requirements of the latest National Curriculum review. This exciting development includes a computing curriculum that will integrate new technologies, programming and media into school life.

Our curriculum continues to ensure that the learning of children at Westfield Primary Academy is meaningful and benefits from a specific focus on the core requirements of the English and Mathematics curriculum.

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and 2, we use the International Primary Curriculum as the basis for our cross-curricular themes, and this is followed throughout the whole school. We have found that this enriches our pupil’s learning and encourages them to look towards the wider society, giving them an international aspect.

The curriculum will be taught with consideration given to the needs of all learners and will also incorporate ‘Building Learning Power’ - a new venture for 2014. Our curriculum will be exciting and will inspire children to nurture a passion for learning.

Building Learning Power has been introduced throughout Westfield and is being "launched" to the children during induction week.

The first disposition we are working on is RESILIENCE.  See the attached leaflet - a guide for parents - for more information.  Mrs Lightfoot is leading this initiative so if you'd like to find out more please feel free to chat with her about it.