Blue area

Welcome to the 'Blue Area' information section.

Blue Area is made up of Year 1 and Year 2 Classes.  Please find below information about the different classes and the teachers and teaching assistants that work with our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.


YEAR 1                                                                             YEAR 2

Blue 1 G - Miss C Graves                                                   Blue 2 K - Mrs R Kerr and Mrs Pilgrim

Blue 1 Q - Mrs T Quarrell                                                   Blue 2 W - Mr S Wort


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R Broomfield

Mrs K Dew

Mrs S Colley

Mrs S Hammond

Mrs L Sigauke


Please find attached our recent newsletters, parent meetings and class timetables we hope you find this information helpful.


Behaviour at Westfield is consistently good, but how do we help children to manage to keep it this way? ... see the Behaviour Code of Conduct:

At Westfield we encourage all our pupils to:

Be Kind

Be Safe

Be Responsible